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Reading More Books Makes You a Better Writer

Hello Everyone,


Sorry it has taken me so long to do another entry for my blog.  I just get so busy doing all my editing and working on the galleys for my books with my publisher.  And of course like most of us writers, we have to do our own promoting and marketing.  And sometimes it can be difficult so you have to try to be creative about it.  It's just the name of the game for us writers.


I got to thinking about one of my professors I had for public speaking.  He was quite an interesting man as he also was a  director at the local theater.  He always told all the students that to learn more about the craft of writing, it is essential to read, read, read, as many books and different authors as you can.  He said your education doesn't stop when you graduate from college because to be an informed person, you have to always keep reading.  And not only books but newspapers and magazines as well.  Reading what  other authors write about can help you to fine tune your own writing and learn your craft of writing so your writing gets better and stronger with every story and book you write.  Being a writer means being an informed, well-rounded person.  Traveling is also important to a writer as seeing places helps you to describe them when you're writing a story.  Knowledge is always power.


So keep writing, and keep reading!!!