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Celine's Gazette

Hello Everyone,


My name is Celine Rose Mariotti and I'm from the USA.  Writing is my passion, my hobby, my obsession, my livelihood, and just a part of me.  I don't know what I would be doing if I weren't writing all the time.  Of course I also love to play my guitar and banjo.  I am an avid reader and I read 8 or 9 books at the same time.  I read anything from romances, to classics, to contemporary, mysteries, historical romance, and books about political figures and celebrities.  I also read poetry books.  In addition, I love to watch soap operas and I also like to go swimming.  


When I write, it kind of just keeps coming to me.  I just sit down at my computer or sit with a notebook in hand, and the magic starts happening.  The characters just spring into my mind, the setting, the plot, and I just create my story.  Sometimes I'll be helping my Mom with the housework, and part of my story starts coming into my head.  I guess it's what's makes us writers unusual.  All these other people in our head telling us what's next in the story we're writing.  I am now working on my sequel to "Minister's Shoes".  And everyday a new idea comes into my head for what's next in my story and what my good Rev. Castle has to do to solve this next big mystery.


Pretty soon, I will have another new book coming out, "Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson", another new series I have created.  This series is all about our US Congress, it is a political adventure with committee hearings and floor debates.  


Stay tuned for my next blog,

I am reading Mark Twain's autobiography.  Anyone else out there also reading that?


A faithful writer,