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Keeping Writing Current

Keeping Your Writing Current
8:42 pm 2 July 2015
Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all having a fun summer. I've been thinking about our craft of writing and about how important it is to keep your writing current. Some writers have a tendency to write about the same subject all the time. And some writers tend to only write about their own life. And some writers tend to write about the past and some writers sad to say live in the past. To be a good writer, you have to expland your horizons and be adventurous. Write about all different subjects that interest you; write stories that keep you current with today's events, today's fashions, today's modern gadgets. Stay abreast of things. A good writer reads a lot. She reads magazines, newspapers and books. To become a better writer, you have to read what other writers are writing about; study the market, do research. And the most important thing for all writers is to write something every day even if it's only one poem or one page of a story. But write because that's what us writers do. It's our raison d'etre. So get out that laptop or notebook, and get writing.

Celine Rose Mariotti