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Hello Everyone,



Christmas has come and gone and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Now 2015 is coming in and I hope it will be a wonderful year for me and for everyone.  


I'm busy at work on my sequel to my mystery/detective series.  I'm also busy working on some new stories as well as editing and revising some other stories.  A writer has to always stay current.  Some writers tend to write about the same subjects all the time and so they don't stay current.  A writer keeps current when you follow the news, read, read, read, talk to a lot of people either at the gymn, the store, the bank, the hair salon. wherever you might be.  And a writer has to always stay positive that his or her writng is going to be published.  Stay positive  about being successful.  Expand your horizons.  If you always write mystery, then try to write a historical romance, or science fiction or a thriller.  A writer should always try to be as eclectic and diverse as possible.  Besides writing mysteries, I also write science fiction, children's stories, poetry, and even nonfiction, and I love to write ghost stories.  I watch the evening news all the time, read the newspaper, read at least 8 or 9 nine books, a different one every night, talk wiith people, travel, and play my guitar and banjo.  Being a musician keeps my mind working all the time as it has been proven that music expands the mind.  Listening to music and watching TV also help to give you ideas for stories; it has always helped me to come up  with ideas for stories.


So I hope I gave you some insight into how this writer keeps current and keeps writing.


Celine Rose Mariotti